Manager Level and End of Period Reporting - Net of Fees

Mad3nCh1na 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 years ago 1

I think all illustrations of profits and returns should be displayed net of management fees and success fees. Additionally, the amount of profit a manager generates to level up should also be net of fees.

"AVG. PROFIT" should also be displayed net of fees. This way the user will be comparing manager returns "apples to apples." 

In the current format, I do not believe returns are displayed net of fees, and it may be difficult to determine the true return a user is expected to receive from one program to the next. 


Dear Mad3nCh1na,

Thank you for the suggestion. Kindly note that this might not be possible as the calculations take place once the positions and period are closed.

We appreciate your feedback.

Genesis Vision Team