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It does if you're using the version downloaded from the app store. Go to a program and click where it shows how many trades a manager has made.

It's not sorted as I want but the data is there

Additional currencies would be a nice addition too. GBP and EUR for example

My iOS app is up to date, however I can't work out what I'm supposed to click on to show what trades the program manager has made?

I think that's the number of manager tokens you have, not GVT. But you're right, it needs to be clearer

I love your designs. Maybe it's my ageing eyes but I find it difficult to tell where one program ends and another begins

I've had to manually go through all the programs on my dashboard to calculate how many are listed as New and Executed. This information really should be easily found on the dashboard. somewhere

Same problem here. I've got 10 tokens in Topham27. Program is shown as closed but the tokens haven't been returned to me