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Can you double check your code to ensure this is working properly. I've already noticed that the records are not accurate on

The trader had a 70% drawdown on the GBPJPY trades and the max drawdown is only showing 52%. That's a huge difference in real time drawdown vs what your have recorded. 

Regarding the performance fee, The investor should keep their agreed performance percentage after a stopout when they rejoin. For example, a manager could offer a lower performance fee while their track record is new to add an incentive for investors to follow their program. If the manager reaches the stopout and the investors would like to use the "REJOIN" feature, they still get the same performance fee agreed upon at the earlier time. 

However, any new investment would apply to the current fee structure. 

1. In this case, an investor can re-enter the program without paying entry fees if he is entering in the next trading period right after the Stop Out has triggered.

Can you enable , 

1. Entry fee for Life of program. Investor only pays once regardless of period  restarts. 

I would also like the investors to have a Number of REJOIN commitments. The investor selects how many REJOINS they are willing to accept. 

For example, a program with a 10% stopout  could have a maximum of 10 automatic rejoins, however investors can set this value of 2 or 3, to limit their exposure to the trader. Then the investor would be guaranteed a maximum Hard stop on their investment capital before they throw in the towel (Stop following the manager). 

Thank you! Great work as always.

Please implement this feature as an option for managers. 

any updates regarding this feature.

I have level 4 program I would like to restart. Starting at level 2 again because there isn't a vacation mode isn't ideal for managers

When will this feature be added? 

The suggestion says "Completed", But feature do not work yet