Your comments

It looks like a green figure to me. Perhaps it doesn't even have a gender, considering it's greeness. 

This issue you bring up is so silly and distracts from real feedback to the platform. 

Did you just assume the gender of the icon?

Yes, I like the ability to click on the number and convert it GVT or Dollars with a single click or tap. Similar to the Delta portfolio app.

Either this or have a weighted average of all of the investors funds invested based on total demand.

What if all of the investors fund were invested via weighted average up to the maximum limit of the investment program.

This way everyone will be able to invest some funds in a manager. 

You could literally google it and find tons of ways to create macros. 

The current situation is not representative of future state. We have a shortage of money managers and an abundance of investors (hey every one gets free 100 GVT)

In future state when real GVT is used I don't think these conditions will be the same. It is simply a suggestion of a feature that is useful, as it would reduce the effort an investor needs to put in. 

When I mean bot, I mean a person can use a recorded macro on the desk top to "click through" and invest a certain amount at a specified time. There is no real way of preventing this since it is executed external of the website. '

The internal exchange is not up yet, perhaps this would resolve the issue. However, this may still give those "first round" investors an advantage as the secondary market might be higher than the initial manager token price. 

If in fact 10,000 people do apply for the same program, and their investments get divided into "peanuts" through the weighted average approach I proposed, it would be a effective disincentive mechanic for investors to concentrate their funds in an over-invested program. Thus solving the problem all together. This allows market economics to determine appropriate equilibrium.

10,000 to 1 investor to manager program ratio actually is very high. This would not be a good development for the platform as it would mean a shortage of managers. First come first serve just promotes people to run bots to automatically sign up at the end of the program.