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Thank you GV Dev team.. You guys are AWESOME!!!  Please keep up the good work..

Thank you.  Is it possible to have a STAR feature instead of the Current Image type as you indicated.

The STAR feature will Visibly and Clearly indicates that it is a Feature for Favorite .  Thank you team for your continuous hard work.

Then, please make it unselectable or when clicked a message should pop "cannot invest - no managers tokens available" or something like that.. 

The investor will click and thinks that the app is not doing anything..

Please look into this.  I have already reported this yesterday.

But, since GV platform's main idea I guess is all about how much Profit a Manager makes as a "%" for his specific trading period, I guess the Charts have to be made based on the PERCENTAGES but not by Equity. The whole information is geared towards the Percentages.. It will be Easy to understand for the community and for the Investor.

The Chart is RED but the % Profit is say 10% positive.. This will throw the investors into confusion. Eliminate the confusions for the Investors is really the most important thing.. or this can become a major concern down the road from the investors.

Please consider changing the Charts from Equity to Profit %.  Profit % is what the investor is looking for before he invests.

Just my opinion as a trader for many years.

I checked a few other Manager History and I find the same issue.  The Charts where it shows the % Profit for each period " 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and so on..." seem to have a bug.

Sort by % Profit makes more sense than sort by Total Profit.

Ues, sort by Profit % makes more sense that Sort by Total Profit.

<<<As for reports, we will be sending reports after the end of a reporting period to all investors.>>> I am referring to the complete annual Report of my Investments with Managers on GV Platform.

<<<As for reports, we will be sending reports after the end of a reporting period to all investors.>>> what are you referring to here? Are you referring to the same thing as my request above?

Here is my current issue I was saying. Duplicate Entries when withdrawing ALL multiple times.

Can you please make sure that these Reports can be saved as an Excel File so that I can share the file from my Android phone to my e-mail. for further analysis.