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I am sorry to say that I am not fully convinced. There might be ways to do it.. example: Partial withdrawal and things like that..  Having said that I very well understand that you guys know more than me.

I still opt for a feature that benefits the investor.

Thank you Dev team.

A good manager should understand the dynamic nature of the financial world and should adjust his/her portfolio and strategy.

I do not understand your statement - "In case you have described manager may result without any funds left in his current period, which will negatively affect his trading history."

Say, if every investor exits within the period when the gains are 500%, I guess the program ends with 500% gains even when it is closed abruptly by investor choice.

There might be underlying difficulties to achieve this but I very strongly feel this kind of feature will make the investors make a LOT MORE.

Thank you $GVT Dev team. I appreciate your continuous hard work.

I guess the AVG Profit Chart of a Manager will be misleading to an Investor.


If Manager #1 has invested $10,000 and makes 10% profit, it is $1,000 AVG Profit.

and If another Manager #2 has invested $1,000 and makes 50% profit, it is $500 AVG profit.

Based on your current Manager's Chart, you say they are based on AVG Profit. So, it means that Manager #1, with $1,000 & 10% Profit is Ranked #1, than the Manager #2, with $500 & 50% Profit is Ranked #2.

I guess this is not correct from an Investor Perspective.

I, as an Investor, want to see which Manager is Performing well based on the %Profit.  In the above example Manager #2 did very well than Manager #1.  So, Manager #2 should be Ranked #1 and Manager #1 should be Ranked #2.

Personally, I would like to emphasize the importance of % Profit Charts for both Managers and Investors.

Thank you.

Thank you Dev team.

As an Investor, I want to see my performance in the CHART as a % Profit than AVG Profit.

Also, The manager Charts have to be % Profit so that Investor can VERY EASILY understand the Manager's Performance.

I hope you would consider to include % Profit Charts for both Investor and Managers.

Thank you Dev Team.

Will we have the ability to Test the Alert Feature before it goes LIVE?

Thank you GV Dev team.  Please keep up the good work.

Manager Chart: There should be % Profit Chart also.  Currently Total Profit Chart is available.

Though % Profit Chart is MORE important for an Investor to see an option to select Total Profit as well is good.

Investor: For an Investor there should be a % Profit Chart to see how he is performing with his investment.

I strongly feel that the above are very important features I would look at from an Investor Perspective.

Thank you for your quick response.  But even with Hovering, the understanding is NOT CLEAR between the Two Bar Charts.

I guess for Clarity there should be some DESCRIPTION under each Bar what it is representing or what it is for.  Otherwise, each Bar Chart looks empty and dont know what it is for.

Also, when visually looked at, cannot tell what each Bar CHart is for?

Please look into this.

Thank you GV Dev team. Please keep up the good work.