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After clicking on withdraw button from the 1st picture, when the popup closes and I am back on my dashboard, the message at the bottom right appears (see 2nd Pic) saying request to buy tokens sent successfully.... Since I am withdrawing, is the message correct? In pic 1 I am confirming the sale of tokens via the sell button, but the message after popup confirms a buy request. It is confusing using two different terminologies. It should really read "sell" instead.

If it has been fixed, I am still unsure how to access this... when I click on a Program I am considering investing in, I see no option to click anything else that'll show me the actual trades of the manager. I am currently on version 0.0.11 Is that the latest build?

This also happens when a Manager who is in profit's figures get too long... The amount of investors in a manager becomes unreadable and is replaced by dots. See pic below.

**I meant as a MANAGERS profit goes negative, sorry not investors**

As the value of a GVT increases over time, then we are more likely to see values into several decimal places to reflect profits... will this not push the info further to the right until it is no longer there? Can a smaller font be used, or a slightly different layout to fit it all in?

Having now watched the live stream, I see that the managers need to be also able to build up their tiers. So, I agree, for both sides to get the right experience. As an investor, a little patience is really needed. I'd delete the request if I could