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Hello, I was told that the trading history would only start from Oct 1st , but I see the whole trading history is included ( The trading account has been solely for testing purposes and the robot was not finished until September, )

Can you only show the performance from October first since this represent the final system that investors will have access to?

Can you explain this in detail "Actually, you are able to implement the above manually through the settings. "

I was also thinking the same. We can at least use the analytics from the Alpha Genesis Vision platform. 

Also sorting Demo and Live accounts would be very helpful. 

Of course these live accounts wouldn't be able to invest Demo GVT tokens, but at least we can see the traders who are willing to showcase their Live accounts on the Genesis Platform. 

Enabling widget of these programs would be handy for those who have websites for marketing " Track records verified by the blockchain". 

You have my vote. 

Please consider adding a Floating pop up box that gives the viewer the exact hours and minutes until the period ends. On web, we have the bar graph, but it doesn't seem to include the actual details.

I just checked the AccountInfo script and it says Lotsize 1.0 again.

It was 0.1 on GVT and 0.01 on some other coins such as ETH and BCC over the weekend. 

Something is not right about this function. sometimes it works, other times it does not

I have a Sell position on BTCUSD and I can not close it ,

It is a part of the DOM on the MT5 platform, Normally I would be able to click the "Time and Sales button to see the recent trade history. However, it seems to be disabled.