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Social media integration

Alex 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 4

Investors and managers should have a quick way to share their recent performance to social media like Twitter and Facebook. It should work the same way social media share buttons work on other websites.

The benefit of this lies in word-of-mouth marketing. People will post their success to social media which then will attract other people to the platform.


Design of program overview page (mobile)

Justin 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 7

Made a, not pixel perfect, quick mockup for the mobile version. I think it's better to create a "tiled" design for mobile to separate the traders instead of a line. I think it's easier for the eye. Not included the graph for now.

Also added a filter for instruments and an search icon for which you can use to search a program with a text input.

Image 8


Thank you all for your kind suggestions. The feedback is forwarded to the team.


Showcase Closed Investment Programs on User Profiles (Bitkolik)

HedgeBitcoin 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 10

For the sake of transparency of the Asset management industry, the previously closed programs whether profitable or at a loss needs to be showcased under the users profile for the good and bad. 

It came to my attention that one trader lost 180 GVT tokens , collected a 4% Entry fee, closed the program and restarted a new program. The Old program does NOT show under the users profile and the link to the old Closed program can only be found if you knew the name of the program. 

This creates many issues going forward. 

please ensure that all closed programs stay under the users profile at all times. 


Dear Client,

We would like to inform you that now you can find previously closed programs on the manager's profile page. 

Thank you for your valuable feedback; it  helped us to improve the platform.

Best Regards,

GV Team.

Under review

The perfect solution for GVT token - proposal.

E S 5 years ago updated by Anonymous 5 years ago 3

My proposed solution for the token use case issue of GVT

Basic idea:

Make GVT like ETH is used as gas, for any investment made by any currency.

How will it work:

As investor - I will deposit for example BTC. When I want to invest in a manager, fund, or copy trading - 

  1. I pay with BTC (or any base currency),
  2. I pay gas with GVT, which is calculated with respect to BTC (or any base currency, meaning the gas is paired differently for each coin depending on their rate in the open markets).
  3. I earn profits in BTC (or any base currency)

Managers are also paid their base currency.

Why will everyone be happy with this solution?

  1. It gives GVT an actual use case. This use case will make GVT value rise with perfect match to their use case.
  2. The buy sell pressure on GVT is not anymore relevant and doesn’t have to worry anyone. The reason for this is that GVT is only used as gas and not as an investment coin that needs to be traded in and out for distribution periods.
  3. Investors are happy - they can invest any coin and earn profits with this coin
  4. Managers are happy - they earn any currency they prefer and it usually is better for them if they trade it.
  5. GVT holders (including the team) are happy - the investment was good.

This solution solves one more important issue which is conversion slippage! WOOHOO

With this solution the team can focus on integrating more and more instruments, and not having any issues bringing users to use the platform.

Thank you,



DESIRED FEATURE: Never Refund Money. Be Indefinitely Put on a Waitlist

Aris94 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 6

It's very annoying to have to stay on top of your funds and whether or not your requests are rejected.

I think that before requesting to have someone handle your money, you should be given an estimated wait time. If you decide to invest, you should be put on a waitlist indefinitely. If you feel tired of waiting, you should cancel and "step out" of line. Otherwise, you may for example be willing to wait 3 cycles to be put in one of the best traders' programs. Some will rather do this than to be stuck with consistent cycles for lower-tier traders.

Currently, you're constantly returned money. This means that whether or not you are accepted into a program is mainly dependent on picking the right moment to invest (probably near the end of a cycle). I don't believe this is fair. It only rewards people that are fastest to react to cycle ends. I believe you should be rewarded based on overall time waited for each program.

Thanks for your consideration.


Thank you for your suggestions. They are forwarded to our technical team.
I am glad to say that in future you will be able to subscribe to manager's updates and receive notifications about available tokens.


Make an option to queue, or cancel every extra investment that is placed once trader money cap is reached

Hudak E 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 2

Let us know when trader is full on money limit and make an option to queue (and to see how many investors/money are in a queue before us), or cancel the investment with the pop-up window on every extra investment that is placed once trader money cap is reached, because lot of ppl are waiting with their money on queue for a trader not knowing he cant accept their investments because he is full on money limit.

Let us know he is full and give us option to Queue or cancel so we can invest into another trader, of if he is our favorite one, we can just simply queue into.

But right now, there is no feedback and lot of ppl dont know whats happening.

Also, we should be able too see from the Programs window if the trader is open to a new money to be invested of if he is already full.


Trade History Analytic Package for all MT5 brokerages open to any one ( Verify Trading history on the Blockchain for Crypto traders).

whoknows19500 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 2

I've tested out a few different trading history statistical sites such as myfxbook, fxblue, fxstat, and the official mql5 signals with a GenesisMarkets account.  None of these sites can calculate the performance correctly since GM accounts are denominated in Crypto currencies which have profits in satoshi's.  This is a great opportunity to offer the genesis Vision platform as an Analytical site to the crypto community and FX community. Please allow traders to input their account number, investor password and Server IP therefore any trader can use the analytics at Genesis Vision platform.  We can then separate the Traders who use the platform for solely analytics and those who are managers.  Once the trader's credentials are added to the platform, any New trade taken would then become verified on the blockchain ( a great selling point for potential money managers.).

The Investor Dashboard would only show GVT Money Managers however, maybe you can add a category " Potential Money Managers" of all the other traders who are using the GVT platform for their analytics.

The manager's dashboard would be open to any trader at any MT5 brokerage for the sole purpose of the analytics package that GVT offers.

Of course money managers still have to use the partnered brokerages/Exchange(GM)  , and this is where a nice banner ad can come in "Sign up to GenesisMarkets and Become a verified money manager"

Under review

Funds Required to hold GVT

Burt Chesterfield Livingston J 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 1

Hi.  Don't know if this would be viable or not but here I go.  Since all funds require at least 2 different assets to be called a fund, how about all funds are required to hold a small percentage, say 1 to 5%, of GVT as one of those assets?


Add a probability bubble showing chance of investment request being accepted by a manager, bubble will change due to position on waiting list and increase decrease as chances improve or not

ryan 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 1

Add a probability bubble showing chance of investment request being accepted by a manager, bubble will change due to position on waiting list and increase decrease as chances improve or not